We recently trenched the sewer line from house to septic tank and the water line from the underground box with T (we put this in last year when we ran the main line) to the house. The trench from the electric meter to the house was also done but the cable is not purchased yet so we will have to wait for that.

Some lessons learned with septic line installation. Don’t create too much drop in the line otherwise the water will out-run the waste… Create too little fall in the line and you know what happens there. We settled on between 1 and 2% fall (1/8 – 1/4″). We also put in a clean-out right past the outside wall of the house and another clean-out down near the septic tank. These are pretty cheap parts that will help with potential problems down the road. Putting everything together is very easy to do. Once put together we tested the fall by pouring some liquid down one side and listening through the clean-out near the septic tank. All is good!

When trenching the water line we decided to put the line at 18-20″. The frost line in North Texas isn’t very deep and if you need to fix a line there will be a lot of digging if you go deeper. The black clay soil gets very hard here in the summer and is near impossible to dig through.  We are using 1″ polyethylene pipe with brass compression fittings to connect our water line to the house. I also decided to put a main shut off valve inside the house in case of emergency. This way I won’t have to go very far to turn off the water.

Now all of the trenches are covered up and ready for the crane to set the containers in a couple of days 🙂


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