We received the shipping containers for our house yesterday. When I scheduled delivery I left a couple days between delivery and the crane rental just in case something happened. Something did happen. A couple things actually happened along the way but everything worked out and the crane showed up and got things done!

I was very happy with the Scharff Crane Rental company out of Sherman, TX. They were very fair with their pricing and the crane operator was knowledgeable and we were able to work well together and get things done. We purchased the containers for $2,000 ea. and then delivery was $450 ea. If you want that information email me at mathersbjj@yahoo.com. I can help you save a few hundred dollars off of what I paid :-).

Now that the containers are set on the piers I will come back and check level, then shim and weld them down to the weld plates on top of the concrete. The main thing was getting them all square with each other and hitting all of the weld plates before the crane left. Crane rentals run around $160 p/hr. and are calculated from the time the crane leaves the yard till it returns. It takes a little bit of time for set up, connecting the rigging to the containers and then disconnecting and then repeating that process. If you want to save money have a couple extra guys there or be prepared to get after it like I did!

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