Well… the thought of being able to get by for a year with the container roofs themselves was wishful thinking. We originally welded the seems on the top of the containers together with 2″ flat plate steel. Then we used 100% silicone to seal up the seems. Water and gravity are great at finding very small holes that, no matter how hard you try, you can never get totally sealed up!!!

It was time to enact plan B. We moved building an external roof to the top of our priority list. The reason we did that is because everything that needed to be completed could potentially be ruined by moisture (drywall, electrical, concrete floors, insulation, etc.). ┬áThe external roof would also have a 3′ overhang to try and shed water away from the house.

Building the roof was difficult work and took us a month to complete. We built our rafters 2′ on center and ran 2×4 purlin at 2’centers as well. For the exterior surface we used 26 gauge R-panel. I checked around and got pretty good pricing on the materials. We were able to build this roof for about $2700. Of course all of the labor was done by us so we saved quite a bit there.

We will try and get this site updated over the next couple of weeks. We have been so busy building that there just hasn’t been enough time.

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