Our family bought an 18.5 acre hay field with no previous infrastructure, structures or utilities. We hope to fund the project on cash flow and avoid a mortgage with the bank when all is said and done.  Some of the things that we have done over the last year are: create entrance and 1/4 mile long driveway to property, installed electricity (we plan to migrate to solar and other alternative power sources as soon as cash flow allows), installed water, constructed shipping container storage building, built apartment off of the container, planted straw bale garden, constructed chicken coupe (and raising 26 chickens currently), installed clothes line and setup water tanks to harvest water from apartment roof.

Since we both have full time jobs we haven’t been able to create this blog page until now :-). We recently started construction on our home and just finished pouring the concrete piers that our shipping container home will rest on. We look forward to sharing our progress with all of our friends and family and any other people that need encouragement and help.

Please share!